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Leo Clarke – Inspiration Information

Sheffield born newcomer Leo Clarke is tearing up the music industry with his second single to date, a cover of Shuggie Otis’ classic ‘Inspiration Information’. Now based in London, Leo is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with elements of indie-folk, psychedelia and soul within his songwriting.

Known for his unique creations, Leo Clarke’s sound evokes his influences subtly but highlights an artist simply doing their thing. Creating music that’s hard to categorise to one genre, his feel-good cover of ‘Inspiration Information’ is a glistening track, suited to stick on your happy, chilled playlist.

Celebrating the golden moments of life, the track tells the tale of living for the moment and cherishing company from others. Taking listeners through a chilled out arrangement, the charming vocals from Leo glide like smooth silk. 

A psychedelic adaptation of the soulful anthem, Leo Clarke’s version of ‘Inspiration Information’ is the second release from Family Values, a record label based in Brighton. Recorded during lockdown, the soundscape is a surreal experience making listeners feel nostalgic but refreshed from Leo’s individuality. 

Instrumentally, the track flows through an adventurous chord progression and weaves through intricate personality. Armed with vibrance and a brightly coloured aura, Leo honours Shuggie’s sound while shaking things up and making it his own.