Leo Pesci – Waiting For My Time

The Italian born singer songwriter chooses to open his debut EP up with a clip from cult classic Donnie Brasco, and as Johnny Deep drones on about the meaning of “forget about it”, his cool tones set the scene for what’s ahead in this jazz fuelled four track EP.

Right from the opening track Waiting For My Time this EP is brimming full of smooth rhythms, cutting bass and tantalising guitar riffs. All these though, are forced into the background by the real kicker, the heavenly vocals of Pesci. After taking a second to remind yourself this is not in fact some artist from way back when, but a young man making his first EP, you are taken aback by the sharpness and sheer sophistication of his sound, and from here on its unwavering.

On A Blue Sunny Day is the most soulful track of the four. This one relies almost fully on the tranquillity and hypnotic tones he can produce. Whereas the other tracks are in parts quite experimental and feel very free form, this one finds beauty in simplicity as he ebbs and flows along atop a brass backing.

There seems to have been a distinctive effort to at times throw things back to the jazz hayday, with aforementioned Donnie Brasco intro conjuring up images of days gone by, as does the flickering wireless style sounds we hear before Sur takes us on a journey of ultra-sensual vibes in the penultimate offering. It may conjure up images of the past, but this is anything but past its sell by date, and the upbeat chorus gives all of these sounds a refreshing twist.

The closing effort is Searching For The Last Land, which is coincidentally where the EP peaks. At points it verges on psychedelic with its mesmerising mix of sounds, and it certainly takes the crown as most experimental piece of the four. The most impressive thing about this is perhaps the nerve they show to mess around with these sounds, pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve and not just relying on the beauty the music obviously possesses even in its more simple form.

This feels too fresh to be called dated, but too traditional to be called modern. It’s found a niche hole in the ever expanding music industry and with this EP Pesci has begun to make it his own, and with the talent on show here, who could stop him?