Leogang – Shots Are Coming EP

After a long three years of gigging, Leogang finally release their debut EP ‘Shots Are Coming’ in a collection of hyper indie-rock.

‘Budapest Sex Lights’ ignites Leogang’s EP with an energetic overdriven guitar and ska-style drumbeats. Both the guitar tones and the witty vocals are very reminiscent of northern indie-rock of the noughties, which proves a little disappointing when the band’s identity isn’t very clear in the first track. The song’s energy is certainly effective in setting the tone for the EP but not necessarily the band’s individual style.

Proceeding the opening track, ‘Back Of A2’ begins to show more of an individuality. Chorus-heavy guitar chords pave the introduction for a less hyper, more lax track. The music follows a standard, steady beat with syncopated rhythms and a strong, clear vocal style. The music definitely holds a more accessible, modern style of the indie-rock genre, with memorable melodies and its cool aura, ‘Back Of A2’ proves to be a little more captivating than the opening track.

‘Chance In Hell’ is next on the track listing, conjuring a nostalgic feel of nineties rock. The bass holds a strong groove and the vocals follow a slightly less melodious style of singing in the verses, nodding their head to a slightly grungier styled narrative. Also following a repetitive riff in the verse, the music builds up to seriously full choruses where the song sees a huge boost of energy. The vocals perform more fiercely, the drums display tight yet thrashy rhythms and overdrive is used to its full potential. The contrasting sections work well with one another, consistently reeling the adrenaline of the track in and out.

Penultimate on the EP is ‘Rank Nullity’. The intro is built upon another strong bass line and counter-melodic guitars play in an uplifting, catchy indie-pop style with backing vocals assisting in call and response in the verses. The track builds itself up seriously effectively- riffs and different instrumental layers creep in gradually filling the verses but still leave enough room for the chorus to take its place.

The apex of the EP, however, is without a doubt its ultimate title track, ‘Shots Are Coming’. With a hazy, reverberated guitar easing you in, subtle choral backing vocals dance amongst the lead. Growing with engaging build-ups and impactful instrumentation, the track serves as an incredible EP closer. During the latter half of the track, the music sees a force of energy run through the band against the choral backing vocals creating an inspiring contrast in texture and harmony which leaves the listener excited for what they’ll do next.

Though a slow burner, the climactic end to the EP is definitely worthwhile.  The music opens up and finally allows the band’s music to tailor itself in a more unique style which reflects their individuality as opposed to a reflection of past genres. Leogang’s style will very quickly burst and flower over the nation.