LEON THE PIG FARMER HAS A NEW BOOK, Don’t Believe the Hype! 

Jack Horner aka Leon the pig farmer is a Manchester-based Yorkshire beat poet. An ex-serviceman began writing verse to help him deal with a PTSD diagnosis.

Leon has an assertive take on spoken word with fast-firing rhythmic verse and a sharp outlook on both his mental health recovery and other social topics and observations that catch his eye.

An energetic delivery that has been compared to both a belt-fed mortar explosion and a staccato assault full of energy and emotion which can silence and mesmerize an audience.

Don’t belive the hype! His new collection, which will be released in August 2022 was structured under the working title Dystopiaville and is Jacks view on the current landscape of humanity that includes political commentary, situations in society and addresses his view on some global and national issues. 

On this occasion he has collaborated with photographer and artist Hels Millington, who he met on the Manchester performance scene when she was photographing bands and him performing. He has also continued to work with digital expert Steve Reilly a neighbour and friend whose expertise in the construction of the text and images in book form has proved invaluable. 

Jacks’ performances have already reached certain corners of the music press, alternative art magazines and independent radio either as a solo performer or as the vocalist in an Alt Psych garage punk duo called The Dirt in which he performs with his wife Sachiko. He would like this Book to extend and continue this path and reach further into the underground and left fields of the creative spheres.

He is driven by creativity and expression, and when on stage in either form wants to provide a positive feeling and energy. He hopes this new book follows in this vein and allows the reader to immerse themselves in his thoughts and frustrations he feels in this modern world.

He can be found 👉 www.thepigfarmer.art