Lewis James – ucouldbemymedicine

Something of a departure from his more electronically driven previous singles, “ucouldbemymedicine” is the new single from Manchester based bedroom-pop artist Lewis James and sees the singer/songwriter channelling his inner emo in his most personal and arguably most polished release to date.

Understated, and awash in a sea of hazy guitar tone and backboned by crisp percussion, “…medicine” harbours an airy aesthetic. One that succeeds in evoking a wistful sense of nostalgia while feeling completely contemporary.

Where previous releases have felt more frenetic, “ucouldbemymedicine” feels much more laid back, occasionality to its detriment. The two early verses are buried within the glossy production, making the lyrics difficult to discern at times. It also feels a little repetitive despite its relatively short runtime.

That said, it probably goes without saying a 30-year-old music journo probably isn’t James’ core target audience, and while an extra verse or even a bridge could certainly have elevated things much further, there’s still lots to fall in love with here.

The heart-on-sleeve lyricism, the exquisite production and James’ confidence in stepping outside his typical genres and approach are all worth highlighting. Rich, if not nuanced, ‘ucouldbemymedicine” is showcases Lewis’ innate pop sensibility almost perfectly. With a little more tweaking, it’s easy to imagine his idiosyncratic brand of pop leaving his bedroom and finding its way onto radios nationwide.