Lewis Shepperd – Follow You

What do you get if you cross a Twenty One Pilots fan with the Isle of Wight?

No this is not a horrifically placed joke, it’s actually an artist with a new single out right now. Lewis Shepperd’s brand new track ‘Follow You’ is already out for all your ears.

A heavy-hitting snare chugs along to keep the track grounded. On top of that Lewis works well with his layers in order to produce a memorable track lasting 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

There is a level of repetition to the tune, but Shepperd mixes it up enough so that it doesn’t get too much. 

Energy doesn’t seem like the prime focus, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that it’s fairly lowkey. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Although I couldn’t imagine myself mosh pitting to this one at a gig, it’s definitely not essential (especially not to get into one of your more relaxed playlists).

What makes an impression on me is Shepperd’s great use of his own voice. It seems like he’s certainly maximised his vocal range to create a catchy melody with a conversational quality to it.  

Not only does Shepperd make use of his singing voice, but he’s thrown in a rap too. This is a strong way to adding some variety for the listeners whilst also showing off his talent.

If he can combine this talent with a some hard work then I think we could definitely be seeing the name Lewis Shepperd a lot more. The potential is there to climb higher.

Lewis’s new single might repeatedly say follow you, but if you want a chilled vibe with a bit of a dark twist then you should give him a follow.