Lewis Shepperd – This Blood Is Yours

Releasing around Halloween might’ve been one of the most shrewd and clever decisions Lewis Shepperd could’ve done. 

The eclectic way in which This Blood Is Yours is presented makes it catchy and attention-grabbing, despite its simplicity. 

With a mixture of drum machines, guitar, synth, piano, and more, varying in mixture throughout makes for an interesting listen. With the tinkling of piano giving a classical feel, and guitars giving it a rock emphasis at times. There’s a lot to unpack, to say the least. 

Despite the odd mixture of instruments, there’s a cohesion to everything, rather than a throw everything and the kitchen sink kind of approach. It works and is always measured, showing how implementations of different instruments can really make things evolve and morph. 

With such a great backing track, the vocals themselves are excellent given Lewis’s crooning, always sounding like they’re ready to crack, but in the best way possible. The lyrics, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired, given the fact that it’s predominantly the title line sung throughout. It’s undeniable though, that the chorus will worm its way into your brain and sit there for days, it’s that damn catchy. 

This Blood Is Yours could be described as a multitude of things, but never really can be nailed down into any one thing. It’s a catchy and unusual track that brings both power and minimalism in its writing and musicianship. Interesting, but may not be to everyone’s tastes.