Lexi Cline – Martinis in the Clouds

Released at the end of one of the toughest years the world has ever had to endure, Lexi Cline released ‘Martinis In The Clouds‘ on December 4th. Putting a vulnerable spin into modern pop, this songwriter is known for creating music that’s honest and refreshing.

There’s something that connects listeners to Lexi’s sound and that’s her distinctive vocals. Admitting her struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, “Martinis in the Clouds‘ stares mental health struggles straight in the eyes with confidence that nothing will bring it down.

Armed with a positive mindset, which obviously the world is always needing more of, ‘Martinis in the Clouds’ tells the story of living on Cloud 9. Stepping slightly out of her normal comfort zone, the new release shines through a quirky backdrop of optimism.

An indie pop single that’s defined by sweet synthesisers and uplifting bass-lines, ‘Martinis in the Clouds‘ sprinkles positive vibes into 2021’s sky and it’s entirely what the world needs. Coated with a pop-rock arrangement, the prominently pop production could easily be compared to the big stars of yesteryear.

An original sound that feels refreshing during the watered down mainstream chart music, Lexi Cline has a comfortable discography sat behind her ready for you to dive straight in.