Lexi Lemonade – Flavors

This tasteful number will be right up your street if you’re into empowering girl power. Inspired by the likes of legends such as Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah and Safe, Lexi Lemonade is a singer-songwriter based in New Jersey that should be on every pop lovers radar. “Flavors” is the exceptional return from your new favourite pop contender, and gives off alternative R&B fragrances throughout too.

Entering with haunting vocals that chime through a hazy production, ‘Flavors‘ is a colourful single that shines through an ethereal arrangement. While the instrumentation on the track is free-spirited and armed with sass, the lyrical message is more philosophical than it seems.

Telling the story about the different sides to yourself, Lexi explains that we can be loving and nuturing, to curious and overthinking, to even being closed off and not wanting to communicate. The track, in a nutshell, describes how we can be depending on what environment we’re in.

A track that could connect two completely different people together, Lexi’s new single was produced by MisaOnTheKeys and A-KING. A delicious offering that uses experimental rhythms, its Lexi’s stunning vocals that will hold your gaze. ‘Flavors‘ is out everywhere now, and is best served on a silver platter with a crown on its head.