Despite sound issues that were, at best challenging, Liam Gallagher came home and gave Manchester a Saturday night of rock’n’roll it will never forget. 

There were already a couple of thousand in the arena when Villanelle, fronted by the ever so polite Gene Gallagher took to the stage to start the evening rolling. The set was all very sixth-form rock really, nothing that will set the world alight, nothing to make you cringe. It was well received by the crowd and seemingly enjoyed by the band.

After a short break, it was time for Cast. That’s probably all I need to say really. The only thing more impressive than a Cast set is a quite short Cast set. The quality of this band, both on record and on stage is astounding. Their short eight-song set blended classics with new material perfectly and by the time JP was windmilling at the end of ‘Alright’ the crowd was well and truly warmed up and chanting along… well and truly ready for Liam.

As the huge stage screens light up displaying the year 2024 the crowd lets out a cheer. Minute by minute, the years on the screen countdown and the cheers get louder and louder. The display is soundtracked by the tracks of Liam’s years… The Stones, The Who, The Undertones, and The Pistols are all accounted for, but inevitably it’s ‘I Am The Resurrection’ that winds the crowd up to fever pitch. They know this is it. Every single mouth sings every single word…. This may not be a resurrection but it’s certain to be biblical.

The screens flicker through a few obligatory soundbites and to chants of Liam, Liam, Liam, the band meanders on stage. ‘Rock’n’Roll Star’ kicks the night off. There’s probably a handful of people not singing along and they’re on stage…. Liam’s band. The crowd are amazing! The sound might be shit, momentarily cutting out at one point but the ten thousand voices drown it out, ten thousand voices don’t really care, ten thousand people are performing here tonight!

‘Columbia’ ‘Shakermaker’ ‘Up in the Sky’ ‘Digsy’s Diner’ all follow and thankfully the sound is getting sorted. ‘Cloudburst’ and ‘I Will Believe’ are far from the night’s highlights but ‘Half the World Away’ gets the crowd back…. the crowd and Liam sound beautiful.

‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ is without doubt the moment of the night… Liam has a quip about ‘some bloke called James who played here last night….’ as he introduces the track. Finally, we can make out his between-song banter. The riff kicks in and the crowd erupts… the crowd has not stopped singing or moving all night but this is next level. The stadium is shaking, is Gallagher on the Richter Scale? The crowd doesn’t let up as ‘Married With Children’ ends the night.

Predictably, there’s a superb encore of ‘Supersonic’ ‘Slide Away’ and ‘Live Forever’ with some banter about going home…’This ain’t no Foo Fighters gig, none of that fuckin’ three-hour Taylor Swift nonsense…’ ‘Some of us have got homes to go to….you know what I mean?’

A final and possibly superfluous encore of ‘I am the Walrus’ brings the gig to a rather strange close. You’d expect the night to end on a high with chants of Liam, Liam, Liam but the crowd starts leaving mid-song as if they’re all two-nil down to cross-town rivals in the last few minutes of a cup final, mind you, the amount of effort the crowd put into the night I have no doubt they were all knackered and wanted to get an early, well-deserved tram home.

Liam, great show, Manchester…. even better!

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