Liam Gallagher : One of us

‘One Of Us’, the fourth single from Liam Gallagher’s upcoming album ‘Why Me? Why Not.’, is another big step up in quality to keep that anticipation growing.

Liam and his team have really ramped up the promotional push, and they’ve probably done the right thing in holding back some of the better material ‘til now. Earlier singles ‘Shockwave’ and ‘The River’ were okay but nothing special, but the sweet balladry of ‘Once’ and now this new track are displays of real class.

One Of Us’ really grips you as it evolves along the way, starting with a simple acoustic guitar and drum setup before grand strings conjure up real emotion as the chorus is belted out, and drifting away with superb soulful backing vocals in the outro.

Liam hasn’t been afraid to open up and put away the gob shite persona from time to time in his solo career so far, and the lyrics of ‘One Of Us’ sound particularly heartfelt and personal- complimented perfectly by the orchestral arrangements.

You’ll have to listen yourself and make your own assumptions about who Liam is talking to on this track, but references to ‘the kid’ and lines like “you said we’d live forever” only point in one direction to my mind.

LG certainly isn’t a one-trick pony when it comes to style, and the neo-soul outro is something it’d be fascinating to hear more of in a full song, such is the impression it makes on this already great tune.

Judging from the tracks so far, ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ looks to be going a similar way to Liam’s first solo album- a mixed bag with a few gems, and that’s probably about what we’d be right to expect.