Liamosino – Samhrai Imithe

Moving away from his former roll as lead singer of Birmingham Psych-Rock band Brain Food, Liamosino is announcing himself on solo terms, and this new track goes some way to already cornering his own sound. 

In some way carrying on from where he left off with his last project, he has retained the same psychedelic array of sounds which he uses expertly to create such warmth and an overriding floaty vibe which is present throughout. It’s a sound that has found itself at home in Birmingham over the last few years, with many artists choosing to walk this path of sound, but like many before him, he has found his own way to take this somewhere different, and keep it from becoming stale. 

More than anything, what keeps you interested in this tune is the hint of, for want of a better word, oddness that orbits it all the way though. There is a base sound to it which although sounding good doesn’t grab you immediately. It’s all the little eccentricities happening around this that give it that uniqueness. I couldn’t begin to guess what he’s using to make some of these more subtle sounds that compliment it so well, but the end result is a real buffet of sounds for you to feast on. 

The closest I could come to comparing him to some others who have trodden similar ground are his follow Brummies Swim Deep or Peace, but what really separates him from those ‘B-Town’ bands is that this is striving to be indie at heart. It’s layered beautifully and doesn’t attempt to be anything more than it is. There’s little focus on the vocals, but they still add so much to the tune by being stripped back, rather than overpowering the vibes of the music as is so easy to do. 

When making experimental sounds like this, you really just have to dive in and hope you land somewhere interesting, with this track he has really landed on his perch, and let’s hope he can remain there and make some more uniquely fascinating sounds like this one.