LIMEY – Poems and Riddles

After the difficulties of the last 18 months, there has arguably never been a better time for a bedroom indie artist to prosper in their songwriting. Manchester artist Harry Preen, aka LIMEY, seems to have done just that. His debut single ‘Poems and Riddles’ is the first of a set of four tracks he plans to release as part of this current solo project. 

If there’s anything that you’ll pick out from this song, it’s the mind-itching indie rock riff that runs through the verses. Managing to come out of listening to this song without that riff being on loop in your head would certainly be considered a personal victory.

Talking about the track, Harry has said “I wanted to tell a story of what my life looks like from someone else’s perspective, either being super vain, or self-conscious”. 

Whether you see it as vanity or insecurity, it seems to have served Preen well in this tune.

He went on to say further, “Basically it’s that Groundhog Day tune where I’m not feeling the progression I probably should do. I want the tune to feel slightly nostalgic, like a band performing a festival set at sunset. I wrote the riff at the end of the tune with that Glastonbury visual in mind, thinking how it would sound being the soundtrack when you watch it on the tele”.

Impressively, not only has Harry seemed to manage this festival feeling through his catchy chorus hooks, but he has also twisted in his own personal tone to the track.

I think maintaining this personal feeling is vital to the remaining tunes of his project. It’s all well and good to achieve that anthemic feel to it, but to really be drawn in then people need to find a way to relate to the music. If Preen can maintain this feeling across his work then this project could really be a triumph for him.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.