Lina and The Lions – This Fire

The shift in stylings of music is part of the beauty of the ever evolving landscape of music as a whole. And it’s within that shift that bands like Lina and the Lions find new inspiration and break new ground. 

Throughout the 2010’s, the move towards 80’s inspired music was incredibly relevant, with mainstream artists, film  and TV taking on elements of what the creators behind it had grown up with. 

This Fire is a fever dream of a song that takes the use of synth to the logical extreme, with this spaced out feel flooding the entire track. 

The heavy use of synth as the centerpiece makes for something striking, even putting the soundtrack of Stranger Things to shame. Despite the excess, it works incredibly well, with notes blasting out high and low, not unlike how a more rock oriented track would pound the listeners senses with guitar flourishes. 

Backed by a strong and firm drumbeat that is never drowned out amongst the noise. It gives the song a much needed grounding, rather than letting it be this all out explosion of 80’s inspired synth. 

The vocals are also belted out powerfully by front woman Lina, singing with a beautiful timbre that reaches an eye-watering pitch at some points, whilst never cracking. It’s a fantastic performance and shows a strong vocal prowess in being able to hit such notes and pierce through the rest of the surrounding track with ease. 

This Fire is an absolute must for any and all who are still riding the wave that is that new 80’s inspired resurgence. It’s a powerful track that will wash over you and be stuck on repeat for days.