Liquid Patience – From Time to Time

Northumberland based trio Liquid Patience released their debut EP ‘Head in the Clouds’ back in February 2019. Their latest release ‘From Time to Time’ was released back in November in 2019, showcasing a busy year of creativity for the three piece. A young group that look to have an inspiring future ahead of them while finding their feet in the industry. 

Ventriloquist storms onto the scene with a melodic bass line that feels like it’s going to rocket us into a funk-jazz fusion arrangement. As the track kicks in, it unveils to situate firmly in the post-punk meets indie rock vibe. While the vocals are clear and prominent, the mix doesn’t feel that it showcases the band clear enough. It feels like it’s missing a warmer guitar tone to add another element to its bow. Saying that the overall songwriting for the number feels nostalgic and uses a memorable vocal melody. 

Don’t Cry At My Grave transports us back to the noughties fast and furiously. The bass feels like it’s situated in the wrong part of the mix, it should be fitted under the arrangement a bit more to get the track’s rhythm perfect. Nevertheless, Don’t Cry At My Grave is 3 a half minutes long of pure adrenaline and can you imagine the scenes of this at a live show… remember those days? Quarter to Five is raw and in your face. Melodic but still holding onto the post-punk vibe that they portray perfectly, it’s one of the strongest songs on the release. 

Devil may be the longest track on the release but as the EP progressing, we’re hearing the outfit get comfortable in their own skin and illuminate their passion for the music. Featuring one of the most catchiest choruses on the EP, Devil will engrave its way into your head. Forget About Everything finishes the EP off with adrenaline and a whole of charisma from the youthful group. One thing I could say to the group as words of advice is to try different things and find what fits well with them. They write great songs but could do with tweaking their levels slightly in the studio. Overall, a lot of potential in this band who I’m sure will blossom into something quite special.