Liquid Patience – Isolated

Sometimes, it seems that the way to get to the heart of a song is to literally strip it back to the bare bones, see what you have and rebuild it from there and this is exactly what Northumberland band Liquid Patience have done with 5 of their existing songs on their latest EP ‘Isolated’.

We’ve seen a lot of lockdown inspired music and for me; this is a really exciting submission. I’m a big fan of pop punk which is the bands usual vibe and the original songs are great but I feel like this new re-imagined EP is a fantastic way of showing what strong lyricists this band are.

Liquid Patience is a band that makes you feel good, you’d sing along and maybe not quite take it in but with this new, stripped back feel, the songs hit differently. The EP eases you in with ‘Yellow Car’ which is a mellow track that highlights the freedom of driving and talks about country drives which were a saving grace for many of us just a few short weeks ago, however the EP itself takes you on a journey and in particular, ‘Just Say’ and the last track ‘Forget About Everything’ are especially poignant. They really bring back feelings of futility, the changing emotions and the feeling of being trapped, dreaming of an end and the negative impact being alone with your thoughts can have.

The EP also demonstrates the creativity of the band from a musical perspective. Usually focusing on guitar, bass and drums for their pop-punk style, for the stripped back versions, they have become more experimental and have toyed with 12 string guitars, ukuleles, acoustic bass, pianos, synthesisers, cajons, shakers, piccolo snares, tambourines which all blend really well.

Overall this is a really nice, mellow EP, which truly packs a punch to the feels, it has demonstrated some interesting range for the band and is well worth a listen. The bands full intention was to change their exisiting work to make it resonate with everyone’s feelings during the pandemic and they have well and truly hit the nail on the head.