Lissy Taylor – Quiet Rage

Stoke-On-Trent’s Lissy Taylor returns with a track that is equally as alluring as it is suspenseful. Putting on display her ability to create soft, harmonious charm as well as belting out the lyrics, Quiet Rage really stands out as a CV of her ever widening talents.

The track begins with delicate, floaty vocal atop similarly placid instrumentals, before sharp flashes of guitar are introduced, setting the tone for a song which seems to constantly flip flop between intensity and apathy. You could say it displays two sides to her sound, one which is quiet, one which is in fact almost full of rage.

With each verse Taylor almost puts on a complete one woman show as the music lulls, allowing us to marvel at her incredible voice as it is which seems to drift so elegantly through the speakers. Before too long though, we are always reminded of her real power and she bursts into another chorus, erasing the elegance in place of a passionate, piercing sound.

Quiet Rage is a wonderfully constructed and gorgeously performed track. Taylor’s talent is obviously her voice, but seemingly not content with blending into the pack she seems determined to show us just how much raw beauty she really can convey with those lungs. Once you hear this track you are left in no doubt that this is surely only the beginning for her, and there are huge things right on the horizon.