Lissy Taylor – Wildflowers EP

With a very mysterious and distinct voice, Lissy Taylor immediately sets herself apart from most by vocal delivery alone.

Starting off the EP with the Mayday, it’s an excellent indie darling with huge ups and downs in delivery and intensity. With huge bombastic crashes of drums and guitars that feed into more gentle moments where it slows to a gentle rhythm. This back and forth continues throughout the songs runtime, and the closing moments leave a very catchy outro that sticks with you.

High is the main single from the EP, carrying a much more moody tone that really pushes the intensity in every aspect. The guitar strums and crescendos that sound like a western movie hit hard when they ring out, adding a oomf that pushes High from a good song to a great song. Couple this with the slow tempo drums that once again crash heavily and with purpose and you have a real belter. The intensity really matches Lissy’s vocal, pairing perfectly with the smokey vocals that are borderline hypnotic. 

The title track, Wildflowers is much more gentle than Mayday and High. The tempo slows to a crawl for this one, but never loses the power displayed in every second of the EP. The chorus is the only point where things ratchet up to the intensity of the previous two tracks. Despite the comparatively gentler sound of Wildflowers, there’s still all the same trappings of Mayday and High here. Whilst there’s an obvious thematic element spanning the EP, each song is its own unique beast, utilising the same tools to deliver something wholly different. 

Love Me Forever rounds things out with a gentle love song. It’s a dreamlike song that brings in some more ethereal sounds to help the song float along. There’s a lullaby kind of feel to Love Me Forever, with the instruments and vocals evoking this wonderland feel. It’s perfect for closing out and EP and the final moments wherein there’s nothing but acoustic guitar fading away is sure to leave listeners with chills.