Lissy Taylor – Wildflowers

I see that my latest review comes from Manchester, however I see we have a female solo artist which makes a big change from my backlog. Excited, I press play and I am incredibly impressed and realisenow where all the variety in Manchester’s music scene has gone… Lissy Taylor has eaten it all up.  

Lissy Taylor’s latest single, ‘Wildflowers’ begins with a haunting Americana vibe and unique vocal style that you don’t hear often enough. Taylor has a slick indie sound which is complimented when the anthemic chorus kicks in, and at the same time a catchy pop aura which is familiar from artists such as Lana Del Rey.  

The song focuses on the idea of blooming into a sense of freedom and forgetting things that weigh you down. I think when the chorus kicks in you get that sense of feeling that Taylor is trying to get across. The chorus instrumentation is punchy and her vocals soar above the rest of the track as if she isn’t being weighed down by anything.  

The guitars in the verse have a nice balance of warm acoustics and eerie electrics, but the tone is just right to provide that nostalgic indie sound from about ten years ago now. It’s a welcoming sound that’s for sure.  

For a while, Taylor lived in America and I think you can see that influence all of this track with inspiration from Del Rey’s ‘Hollywood’ style of rock and roll. I feel that warm Los Angeles sun and rush of something always happening. There’s something different happening in this track in every section keeping me on my toes.  

I look forward to seeing what Liss Taylor will do next as she mixes together the previously aforementioned genres which could easily breakthrough in the UK music scene.