Little Avis:​ Silver Tongue

Manchester rockers Little Avis advance on what made their previous release ‘Ghalib’ so tantalisingly good. You’ve got loud guitars, blends of rock styles and inviting rhythms. 

The band’s new track ‘Silver Tongue’ mashes together the swagger of early 00’s indie rock with the song sounding like it has been plucked from 2004 and then the rock and nu-wave vibes of the 70’s with the track feeling like it could descend into ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ at any moment. 

I get that latter influence from the upbeat riffs and sweet vocal harmonisation the band bring to the table. You really do get variety with Little Avis, whether its the interchangeable vocal styles roaring through the track or the variety in guitar styles that leave you wanting more. 

In the last 15 seconds of Silver Tongue, the band pick of the pace and guitars and vocal combo create an energetic build up which reminded me greatly of early Franz Ferdinand. Sadly all good things come to an end and the fade out almost left me disappointed…so I pressed play again. 

That’s two big tracks from this band I’ve reviewed now and I really can see them going places!