Little Avis – Ghalib

Little Avis roar through three and a half minutes with addictive guitars, fast drums and low vocals to give you that oh so exquisite indie rock sound.

The Manchester rockers describe themselves as a ‘guitar band’ and they aren’t wrong. Their new track Ghalib which sounds like it is based off of the Mughal Empire poet, notable for saying deep thought-provoking pieces, can be reflected in the vocal styling and lyrical themes of the track, but they are definitely overlooked by the fast moving guitar work that lasts throughout most of the song.

The blending of indie rock, post-punk and alternative rock in Ghalib send you on a rollercoaster which until the bridge sounds like its never going to stop. It’s a really energetic piece. The tones of the guitars are a mixture of muddy chords and dreamy picked notes that could be argued to be from both the early 80’s indie scene and the early 2000’s.

The progression on the drums and tones are a delightful heavy thud adding a thick rhythmic layer that lets the guitars be more adventurous. The bass can’t be forgotten either whilst it keeps the main rhythmic feel of the track, sitting there in the background are some extra groovy licks.

The track highlights Manchester’s two great sounds from other the years and whilst the vocals and tones may add a fuzzy, gloomy and grey style to the track like Manchester on a rainy day…the fast nature and upbeat tempo really reflect on what it feels like to be in that area on a sunny day with plenty of colour bursting through. Add this song to a kaleidoscope and you’ll almost have a psychedelic rush of sound and colour which would make for a fantastic live performance.

Noisy. Fun. Rock.