Little Suspicions – Wasting All My Time

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you fall for a wrong ‘un, you’re gonna get yourself hurt. And sometimes, we never learn. A life lesson in hopeless heartbreak that Little Suspicions lay out in their dreamy debut – ‘Wasting All My Time’.

The new indie four-piece from Kent bring all of the moody mystique and swooning serenade of a spy thriller soundtrack. With a snap like a rattlesnake, we’re transcended into an atmospheric 60’s pastiche. Carried by the sweeping moody guitar of Conor Tonor – lead vocalist Moritz Meyes’ sing-songy sprechgesang croons over the realisation of being led on by a lover. It’s that situation where “you hang onto their every word and wait around for them.” the band explained – only to find out “you’re basically just an ego boost.”

It’s a relatable experience, sure. But there’s also a familiarity in sound – reminiscent of a recent Arctic Monkeys era or perhaps TLSP track – with all of their wistful charm. Indeed, these self-proclaimed comparisons are evident in the same self-depreciating and witty lyricism (that Turner & Kane are known for) as Meyes reflects “the jokes on me, you had me for a while” in the chorus. While this debut track may be akin to some of Turner’s work, it remains to be seen whether the young band continue in this vein of Scott Walker-esque stylings.

With bassist Craig Barden and drummer Joey Lyon completing the line-up, Little Suspicions create a 4 and a half minute melancholic baroque-pop waltz. It’s lusty, leisurely and laid-back – without being lethargic. A charming debut, and one certainly worth your time.