Littlemen – Front Page News

Greeted by a prominently western guitar riff, the upbeat pace of ‘Front Page News’ quickly reveals itself. Proceeding past the riffy intro, the verse flows amongst standardised beats suited to the genre and slightly anticipated vocal melodies that follow the track’s chordal structure.

Building in texture, the chorus sees another catchy vocal melody and harmonised backing perform the lyrics, “Over hot coffee and troubled times, just chase dreams and follow stars. Listening to love tunes on my radio, drinking tequila in your front room”, followed by the line, “You’re in my heart baby”, repeated a number of times with neatly controlled counter-melodic backing vocals. Though shying away from more complexed composition, the simplicity suits the music well and allows the choruses instrumentation to grow in texture without sounding overcrowded.

‘Front Page News’s production is particularly sleek and feels very professional. Every aspect of the track is placed exactly where it needs to be- nothing is overshadowed or overcompensated for, easily allowing your attention to focus and explore each melody without getting tangled up within another.

Though the song is altogether pleasant, the accessibility might struggle stretch much further than the boundaries of their fanbase. The feel-good track carries a familiar air of a verse / chorus / verse / chorus / bridge / chorus structure and rich commanding guitar tones of country rock. Though perfectly effective within its country-blues genre, it could blend quite easily within the music that stood before them, as aside from the production, the track doesn’t offer many strikingly defining factors that are completely unique to the band.

All in all, the well-formed track is certainly an up-lifting piece that safely stays within the means of its genre. ‘Font Page News’s commonality will face no issues in pleasing Littlemen’s fanbase, providing them with a polished, sing-along-ready track.