Live On Acid – Disco Evolver

Live on Acid turn the anti-disco movement on its head with their latest release ‘Disco Evolver’

The Manchester-based duo (Anthony and Matt) bring their dark and dirty electronic sound to the over six-minute-long track. With thumping repetitive percussion and sampled audio clips of ‘Disco Demolition Night’ sentiments – the song explores the animosity against the genre in the late 70s, particularly in the US.

Considered to be rooted in racist and homophobic attitudes due to the genre’s links with both gay and Black cultures – chants of ‘DISCO SUCKS’ echo across the breakdown before an electronica backbeat resumes. While undeniably danceable, ‘Disco Evolver’ steers clear of the shimmering synthy sound so synonymous with modern dance music – favouring a more buzzy, mono-sonic and gritty approach.

Disco was commonly thought of as too mechanical in sound, but Live on Acid take this criticism and utilise it in a positive way creating a pulsing pro-disco track. ‘Disco Evolver’ is a celebration of disco, its evolution and the genres it went onto heavily influence including house, garage, EDM and dance music as a whole.
Feeling very much like a homage to the past – this uptempo tune is designed to be thumped through the speakers of a basement club in the city. 

Where once disco was seen as a stark counter culture to rock music, we now know there’s plenty of room on the dance floor for everyone.