Live Review – A Night With Tate McRae in Manchester

After an unfortunate rescheduling due to the pandemic- Alt Pop Princess Tate McRae takes the stage for her long anticipated sold out show in this 1,500 capacity venue.

An obvious chart topper, Tate has already shared performances with the likes of Billie Eilish, Justin Beiber and Olivia Rodrigo. She is also set to support Shawn Mendes on his tour later this year.
A tortured romantic, she is known for bringing high energy all dancing sets whilst also bringing a likeable vulnerability to her appearances.

A buzz around the venue is anticipated as hysterical teens begin to make their way to standing.
I have to say, I am even more impressed as I learn this young superstar has already given a performance at Wembley today for the Capital One Summertime Ball.
I am interested to see how this could maybe affect her overall portrayal.

The spectacle begins with TikTok phenomenon Alexander 23. Stood under a single spotlight, just him and his guitar, admirers below sing along to hits such as ‘IDK You Yet’ and ‘Cry Over Boys’.
However, an acoustic affair was not what I was expecting- or fans for that matter.

It didn’t hype the crowd up as such; just kept things rather mellow and still.
Although, this soon changed when he began to cover UK favourite ‘As It Was’- safe to say this was an extremely smart and strategic move being that the audience were 80% female.

Lights flicker and blare as Tate’s band members flood and hurry out- a drummer along with guitarist and pianist take stature towards the back of the stage.
Admirers screech as she embarks on her first song- cardboard signs scribbled in neon overcome the barrier as I take a look around.

Already, this is one of the most high energy performances I have seen in weeks- with clean cut backing dancers which for once in pop, do not seem unnecessary or overpowering.
Tate begins storytelling around her song ‘Runaway’- a song she wrote and put together when she was thirteen and trying to make a name for herself in the depths of YouTube. This gets an unimaginable response from her fans, and again I am overcome with shock at how talented this young artist is as she exposes depths of her emotions through one of her oldest ballads.

The energy in the hall stays high and powerful as Tate progresses into fan favourite ‘Feel Like Shit’.
The song is as literate as it seems as she explains the build up to the production of it.
A day in the studio- not feeling her best is what stemmed the making of this heartbreak banger.
Without hesitation she moves into new song ‘Chaotic’ the most vulnerable and exposing tune off her new record. Tate reveals this is always the hardest for her to sing on her own, let alone in front of hundreds of strangers on tour.

The crowd settles while acoustic guitars are brought out for a cover the young performer has planned.
‘Breakeven’ by The Script is the track of choice- keeping to the theme of agonising, heavy heart ballads.

As the show draws closer to closure, UK chart topper ‘She’s All I Wanna Be’ is next on the bill. A relatable pop singalong track that discusses the insecurities we all face in relationships. Whether our partner perhaps would prefer to look elsewhere.

Tate finishes with the song that signed her a deal and gained most industry traction- ‘You Broke Me First’.
An optimistic break up song- that focuses on the future rather than the past. This is filled out by many break outs of dance and strobed pauses adding to the dramatics of the end of the show.

An inspirational teen pop sensation, loved by millions of adoring young girls- it is clear to see why Tate has sold out the whole of her UK Tour. An artist that brings life and energy to the stage when most needed.