Live review – Rats, The Kairos, Stone, The Sonder for This Feeling @ Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

So on a wet and windy night in Liverpool This feeling have put on a bill consisting of some local Liverpool talent at a venue that seems appropriate for the weather outside. The Invisible Wind Factory. Having myself never been to the IWF before I was unsure what to expect from an old factory by the docks. Walking in it’s clear to see why this venue is quickly becoming more and more popular with big named acts. With the dazzling light curtains to the venues name rotating above the crowds head this venue has an aura that is inviting and mesmerising. 

First up tonight we have The Sonder who despite their young appearance, played like they had been making music together for decades. With a group of lads nearby declaring it’s going off as they sang and danced to tunes that have hints of inspiration from fellow Scouse bands the Zutons and the Coral, it isn’t long before the crowd gets warped into the music as heads bopped, feet tapped and legs start moving. The Sonder are clearly what the crowd needed to get going! 

Next up we have a band who some may know as The Bohos. But after realising they had outgrown the old sound they reemerged as STONE. With their fresh input of punk tunes and frontman Finley Power’s energetic presence, these guys are something else! Leaping from the stage to barrier with no hesitations or fear, Power got the crowd invested on a journey of utter chaotic enjoyment as he ran around them singing and hugging people who were simply mesmerised by the scenes unfolding before their eyes! STONES are definitely one to watch out for. 

Kicking off their set with their catchy anthem ‘money mind’ The Kairos took the stage by force as a pit emerged in the crowd. With their catchy hook and their artic monkeys inspired indie rock, this song has the potential to do what ‘sex on fire’ did for Kings of Leon. Ending their set with their latest release ‘Teetotal’ which sends the crowd into a frenzy of excited jumping and singing, you can see the band clearly enjoying themselves and the music and gearing the crowd up for tonight’s headline act, RATS. 

With chants of RATS, RATS, RATS from the riled-up crowd filled with their fellow Scousers the boys take to the stage clearly awed by the scenes unfolding before their very eyes.. With a couple of waves to familiar faces in the crowd frontman Joe Maddox’ face says it all as he stands there grinning from ear to ear. 

The hype for these lads is great to witness and be a part of as they have the words to their songs sang back at them. As crowd-pleaser ‘Jack’ unfolds the biggest pit of the night. It’s clear to see how this home crowd feel about their RATS.

 Treated to a couple of new unreleased songs including ‘Daily grind’ of which was only written Thursday. It’s clear that these lads have got what it takes to make great music and be up there with the biggest names out there. 

Finishing with their debut single ‘weekend’ it’s clear to see why these Local lads deserve the headline slot and so much more! 

As us scousers say it was a boss night that.