We review The Reytons Live in Sheffield, what happened?

You know its going to be a great gig when a local band has sold out a big local venue, but even then, all your expectations would have been blown out of the water as The Reytons absolutely smashed it!

It was Saturday night I was back in the old stomping ground of Sheffield and I’d met up with an old uni mate before the gig. I had ended up with a spare ticket so gave it to my mate saying, ‘Trust me you’ll fucking love it’ and after a few drinks we headed to the gig and he had no idea what to expect.

After the support band, Jordan Allen, finished the crowd were suitably warmed up and ready for a good time. Between the acts the crowd kept themselves entertained with the usual chants of ‘YORKSHIRE’ and ‘We all hate Leeds scum’. The crowd a wide mixture of ages from 15/16 year olds to 40/50 year olds but all of them up for what came next.

The first moment you knew that it was gonna be lively one was shortly before the band came on the dancefloor erupted into a mosh pit to ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ by Courteeners. Bodies flying everywhere and the whole crowd singing along. I lost my pint as I was dragged into the middle by my mate and then the night really begun.

The band exploded onto the stage and was met with a round of applause and was straight into the first song ‘Low Life’ and the crowd went mental. It set the tone for the rest of the night, heavy fast-paced indie rock songs played with passion, in a sold-out venue fully bouncing and singing along to every word. It was great as young lads in bucket hats bounced off big bearded, pissed up 40-year olds and dolled up girls. Everyone was going for it. 

Flying into the next song ‘Ghost’ which really hit home with the Sheffield crowd as it sings about night out on West Street and contains one of my favourite lyrics. ‘Yeah her mates are fit but she’s a fucking athlete.’ Golden! 

Then straight into their latest single ‘Wide Eyes and Halos’ but they didn’t stop to plug or promote it. They were there to play and give the crowd everything they had in them. The gig carried on the same throughout, playing their catalogue of songs such as ‘Canine’, ‘Billy Big Bollocks’ and ‘Harrison Lesser’.

The Reytonsno nonsense, lets just do it attitude is one of the reasons that makes them so good and it shone through all the way through the gig. The gig wasn’t about them, it was about everyone. They weren’t playing for their egos they truly wanted to put on a great gig and were grateful to be able to do so. As multiple times they thanked the crowd for turning up and supporting them, which provided welcome breaks from all the bouncing round Id been doing as the crowd was nonstop.

The band finished with ‘Reckless’ before the standard disappear off stage and wait for the encore. It was strange as although there were cheers there wasn’t much ‘one more song!’ chanting but that could be due to everyone catching their breath. When the band came back out, they thanked everyone again and began with ‘Take Me Home’ to which the whole crowd hung on every word and the lead singer even got in with the crowd to sing with them. Next came the big guns with ‘Kids Off The Estate’ and finally ‘Slice of Lime’. The Reytons gave it everything they had and so did the crowd, by the end of the gig we were covered in sweat and beer, had done a full work out and were absolutely buzzing with what we had just experienced. Unbelievable gig.

The Reytons are the type of band that deserves to be played on the radio. They put 110% into everything gig they do. They sing about real relatable situations. Yet they don’t get the credit they deserve. They tick the box for great indie rock music, but they won’t conform to the music industries rules and unfortunately the industry doesn’t like rulebreakers. But from the crowd and performance at the O2 its safe to say these lads don’t need to conform, they are going to do it their way and aren’t going to let anyone tell them otherwise. Top lads, top band, top gig.

Photo Credit: Kevin Wells Life is better still