Live Review : The Slow Readers Club @ Gorilla, Manchester.

Last night I saw The Slow readers Club return home to Manchester for the final show of the UK tour before they embark on a stint around Europe.

When I arrived there was already people there eagerly waiting for the doors to open so they can get into the venue, any time someone new arrived they were all greeted with “REA-DERS”. I was listening to some of the discussions they were having with each other about which of the gigs they have managed to travel out to on the tour. It’s clear to see these are not just fans it’s like a family. They all know each other and the majority had been travelling all over the UK supporting the band some even heading out to Europe following the UK tour.

When we head in straight away everyone is grabbing a quick drink and heading past the invisible barrier at the back you see at a lot of gigs and finding a themselves a place as close to the stage as possible, claiming their spot and making sure that once the band are on they are as near to the action as possible.

Opening was Liam Frost. You really can see how good someone is when they can get up there with just their voice and a guitar and hold a room without the typical chattering going on. At first inevitably there was a few having a catch up but once Liam had the audience’s attention on him they were captivated. There is something about the way Liam carries himself on stage and his vocal performance. You can’t help but become engrossed in what is happening in front of you.

After a bit of a break Donna Summer’s I feel love starts blasting out and you can feel the excitement in the crowd as a few at the front are having a little dance to the Summer/Moroder disco magic while everyone else claps along.

The Slow Readers Club finally take to the stage coming out to the greeting call of “REA-DERS” across the venue. They kick things off with Lunatic everyone is clapping along to the beat and it’s not long before the place erupts hands in the air mimicking Aaron as he is singing “build a tower”.

This is very much the story for the remainder of the show the fans immersed in what’s happening before them knowing all the songs inside out and mimicking all of Aarons gestures making themselves a part of the show. It’s a great thing to see as I know the band have put a lot of time and energy into honing their craft and getting to this point in their music career. You can’t help but feel this is just the start of much bigger things to come.

In the set there plenty of fan favourites along with the more familiar songs in there. Forever in your debt, Supernatural, Plant a seed, I saw a ghost finally ending the show with their latest release On the TV.
Everyone front to back dancing and chanting along to the guitar riff hands in the air. After the song had ended, the Slow Readers Club had said thank you and goodnight and left the stage the crowd continued the chant so they quickly hopped back on stage for a final few bars before giving their final goodnights and taking a bow.
At the end of the night you can’t help but feel in years to come this will be one of those shows which everyone still talks about when reminiscing about certain gigs.

???? Photo Credit Malc Burke Photography.