After seeing the success of selling out the first planned date for ‘The Life On Mars Tour’ at Manchester O2 Victoria Warehouse, he announced a second date the day after the first, filling the capacity of 3500 for the venue; Yungblud was clearly very well received by Manchester and many other cities in the UK. Yungblud’s new single ‘Fleabag’ which was released on August 19th peaked at number 20 in the iTunes charts and stayed in the UK Songs chart for only 19 days.

The first act of the night kicking off the October 8th show was Daisy Brain, a band formed in London, and made up of Will Tse and Dan Hvorostovsky, who have slowly but surely made their way onto the music scene and are set to be playing at Neighbourhood Weekender in 2022.

Their songs are grungy and combined with angsty lyrics, with a nod to The 1975’s earlier music, Phoebe Bridgers and The Cure. They got the crowd energised as the lead singer, Will Tse shouted “I wanna see a fucking pit.”, Yungblud’s gigs are definitely the right place for one.

The final support act for the night was Renforshort, she is a solo artist who first began posting covers of songs on YouTube and Soundcloud in 2015 and her popularity grew from there, her second single ‘Mind Games’ currently has almost 6 million streams on spotify after going viral. She opened up to the crowd talking to them about her problems with anxiety before singing ‘I drive me mad’, her music has likeness to artists, such as Beabadoobee and Phoebe Bridgers.

She managed to not only hype the crowd up with her more energetic songs and her amazing stage presence but also calm things down with her slower songs.

Between each support act, the crowd chanted continuously Yungblud, Yungblud, Yungblud, before the lights were cut and the room decended into darkness. Before Yungblud had even stepped foot on stage the energy that exuded from the crowd was electric, everyone was there for the same reason, to see this man that they looked up to and adored so much.

The curtain that shielded the stage from the crowd had a pair of red lips projected on to it, asking the audience four questions, everyone question asked was answered by a mass of ear-piercing screams; when the curtain finally dropped, the stage was filled with golden light and stood in the centre, adorning a red jump suit, grinning energetically with black lipstick coating his lips was Yungblud. He shouted into the microphone, “Make some fucking noise then!” and with that he was met with the audience roaring.

His set included many of his singles, which are mostly lively and rocky vibes which he demanded that the crowd make a circle pit for; telling them to make it wider, but also slower more ballad type songs, which had the crowd in tears, holding tightly onto their friends which they attended the gig with.

Overall Yungblud’s shows are such a large mass of energy and unlike any other gig in that he creates such a sense of community between all his fans, allowing people to come together to enjoy his music in a much more personal way than listening to music at home.

📸 Credit Becca Sell