We review Zuzu Live at Liverpool’s Arts Club, 28/02/2020

So many wondrous words describe Zuzu. Boring is not one of them. With her wonderful Array of colourful outfits and her fascinating style. She is a whirlwind of Sass, fun, and energy that just mesmerizes and entices you. Off the back of her tour around the UK supporting The Courteeners along with Gerry Cinnamon, Zu is in the midst of her own UK tour. With her biggest headline show to date right here in her hometown of Liverpool.

With Support slots from Munkey Junkey and the Riotous Gen and the Degenerates, its no wonder the show is rumoured to be unforgettable.

Munkey junkey kicks it all off, with his enigmatic electronic sound and energy. The Guitarist for Zuzu and music producer is doing his own thing and producing his own sound.

With his new band, Front man Kurran Karbal aka Munkey Junkey himself bared his soul to the mass of people in front of him. His brutally honest, raw and honed lyrics are indeed unorthodox. But they enthral their audience, making you want to know more about the story behind such words. His purposefully auto-tuned vocals bring a unique urban feel to the performance. The emotions he expresses through each song has the audience in his grasp as one by one the crowd are won over. Proving that he is indeed so much more than Zuzu’s Guitarist and Significant other. With his latest EP ‘Reverse’ just released there is big things to come from Munkey Junkey. 

Keeping the crowd frenzied for Zuzu. Gen and the Degenerates storm the stage in a whirlwind of big hair and Rock n Roll. Albeit a major wardrobe malfunction towards the end of their first song, when the gold embroidered dress couldn’t hack the wild pace of Gen Degenerate and failed her.With a look of ‘ah fuck it’. Gen embraced her new look and finished the song. Admitting she wished she had worn better tights. Its clear this Degenerate is comfortable in her own skin as she whipped off the failed outfit and rocked out in her bra and tights till a helping hand from her own merch stand made its way to the stage. Whilst mid-song she managed to pull the top over her head without stopping. 

With cheers and applause from the captivated audience Gen and the Degeneratescontinue to rock the stage with no mercy. With Gen now wearing the bands black tee, the Degenerates continue to seduce us with their magnetic, fierce anthemic riffs, lyrics ofwild passion and thunderous drums. Myself and the crowd find it impossible not to dance or get lost in the thrilling music. Thanking the crowd Gen promises to join us after the set to deliver some Love letters personally to us (More on this later). 

Finishing with fan-favourite ‘Cocaine’. To cheers and whooping. Gen and the degenerates rock out as their lives depend on it. It’s clear to see they have captivated us on their journey to stardom. True to her word Gen mingles in the crowd hand-delivering envelopes to curious folk. Intrigued I thank her as she places one in my hand and after I fangirl about their performance. I tore into the white envelope and unfold the contents inside. Indeed it is a love letter. To the fans old and new we are thanked for watching and invited to join them at another show again sooner rather than later.

So the moment we have all gathered for. The style icon of the scene skips on to the stage in an electric blue 2 piece, gorgeous satin heeled boots and with a matching clear blue pvc hat that is reminiscent of the 90s novelty blow up furniture that many of us had. This emo-pop princess can pull off anything and she looks every bit the starlet. With her funny banter and genuine joy at being on stage. It’s blatantly obvious Zuzu is right where she belongs, In front of an adoring crowd.

Kicking off with ‘Money back’. Zu delights us with her enigmatic voice and cleverly written lyrics.

With singer, songwriter, producer, director, actor and book illustrator in her repertoire. This Scouse bird can do it all and she does. With her newest single ‘Skin and Bone’ released this month and her newest EP ‘How It Feels’ due for release 3rdApril. There is no slowing down for the absolute marvel that is Zuzu.

With so many anthemic songs, the crowd never relent in the singing and cheering as each one takes us along the magical journey of colourful and catchy delights. Zu even treats us to a rendition of idol LIZZO’s ‘Truth Hurts’ which blows everyone’s mind.

Encouraging us to stay behind so she can meet everyone. Zu thanks us for coming and ends the night with ‘All Good’. As the crowd erupts into colossal applause, Zuzu and her band take it all in. The queue for the merch stand after lights up proves how much Zuzu is loved and admired by all who bare witness to her extraordinary presence both on and off stage. Zu greets and thanks to every single person like a long lost friend. Her genuine and honest nature shines through as she opens her arms and embraces the mass of fans who have stuck around to meet her.

Catch Zuzu on the remainder of her tour around the UK and at festivals up and down the country this year. You won’t regret it.