Lombardy – Don’t Wanna See You Round Here

The only thing you want to see round here is Lombardy at a live show. Remember those days? We’re optimistic that they’ll come back again, but for now, dive straight into Nashville based Lombardy’s new single Don’t Wanna See You Round Here‘.

Released January 15th, this is a strong debut, and by strong, we mean, pretty powerful and in your face. Somewhere between indie and alternative rock, ‘Don’t Wanna See You Round Here’ features an ear-worm chorus that makes it feel slightly more pop orientated.

Stating that they draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of big names in the rock world, Lombardy are certainly bringing their own flavour into the alternative rock world. Turning up the heat with the debut single, ‘Don’t Wanna See You Round Here’ is melodically wonderful.

Fuelled with lyrics that will instantly bury into your brain, a captivating guitar line and a hard hitting rhythm section, there’s not one bad thing to say about this track, and that should say it all.

A modern-day classic if you ever heard one, this track could walk hand in hand with the greats one day, and you heard it here first. Instantly leaving fans wanting more.