Longlight – Choppy Water

Genre-bending band LONGLIGHT are about to break boundaries with their debut single. Led by Jo Williams and Lucas Polo, the euphoric duo may be at the beginning of their journey, but they’ve certainly turned heads within the industry. Armed with the soulful vocal and an acoustic persona, ‘Choppy Water’ will resonate with people in relationships that are growing apart. Clinging to anything that will reignite the spark, Longlight’s debut single hopes for reassurance once again.

An apt song right about now, the track also feels very familiar for us all as we miss our loved ones who we haven’t seen in a while. Like the warm hug we all needed, this track comes as a shoulder to cry on. Honest, personal and about just being a human, Longlight’s debut is a strong one, to say the least. Joining enchanting piano lines, mellow guitar tones and note-perfect vocals to convey its sombre story, the emotive number will kick you right in the feels.

Produced by talented engineer Danny Allin (Daniel Blumberg, Marmozets Labrinth), the smooth production glistens so much that you would need a pair of sunglasses on to stop it blinding you in the face. A debut sent straight from the heavens, ‘Choppy Water’ escapes the toxic nature of modern life and lets listeners escape to a world fuelled with hope – what more could you possibly want?