Longsman – Punchbag

Adam White aka the mastermind behind project Longsman unleashes ‘Punchbag’, a lo-fi track with subtle indie fragrances. A true British sound with nudges to garage rock in the mix, the new release deserves to be at number 11 on the volume dial, and danced around your room to.

While the instrumentation is upbeat and somewhat cheerful, the message behind it, is slightly darker. 

Telling the other side of a happy story, ‘Punchbag’ details being knocked down by tragedy as well as pre existing insecurities. An honest track that uses a lo-fi production, ‘Punchbag’ is screaming for a well-rounded, polished structure.

Giving the track that garage rock essence, the track was recorded in Adams’ bedroom using an iPad, and several instruments.

Just when you think the track is coming to a close, a screaming, simple guitar solo endeavours, guiding the way straight to the finish. A slight change in direction, what makes Longsman tick is he always stays true to himself with each release.

An edgy rock number with light acoustic moments in it’s arrangement, ‘Punchbag’ bares all and shows itself on a silver platter.