Loose Articles Live at The Vale, Mossley – What Happened?

A spectacular double bill starting with the debut of Factory International alumnus PLUS44KALIGULA who uses her talents as a composer to create beautifully eclectic songs that range from sounds of nature to a banging 90s electro blend with poetry and haunting vocals. The energy she brings to the stage with her is such a unique and energetic experience. Absolutely worth keeping an eye out for if you manage to catch her in the coming months.

Then, of course, we have the headliner. The incredible Loose Articles. The all-girl punk lineup of dreams.

Their lively banging and screaming mixed with the angst of reliving your own youth, jumping up and down trashing your room transfers from them to you so you walk out ready to fight injustice in every little thing makes it an infectious experience and definitely a band to get your little girls into just because of the sheer power behind it.

The hatred of buses, the anger about climate change, finding your voice as a woman in the punk scene and taking no nonsense but still causing the same kind of raucous that a well seasoned punk band would create, they know what to bring to the stage and they certainly do bring it. You’ll leave with ringing ears and howling vocals still playing for hours after.

They are hitting up a few towns over the coming months so be sure to catch them if you can.