We review the new single from The Lottery Winners featuring Frank Turner – Start Again

Optimism has been a hard gem to find over the last year, but Greater Manchester indie-pop four-piece, Lottery Winners, have brought an injection of gleaming positivity into this week with their new single ‘Start Again’. This new tune follows their self-titled debut studio album that was released last March, as well as their August  ‘Sounds of Isolation’ covers album featuring songs by The Smiths and Fleetwood Mac.

Teaming up with esteemed singer-songwriter Frank Turner, the group have gifted us this chorus-screaming banger to keep us going in our third installment of never-ending lockdowns.

Easing into the first verse, lead singer Thom Rylance’s vocals sit comfortably on the track. However, it really doesn’t take long to burst into a powerful chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. You can’t help but feel uplifted by this compelling and catchy tune.

According to the group, the song was written about leaving behind the past, keeping your head up, and moving forward. This message really carries across the whole track and is an excellent effort from the group to spread a feeling of hope and embracing the future.

If this doesn’t sound like enough, the sing comes hand-in-hand with an equally entertaining video. The video depicts Turner as a flight commander guiding the group (who are astronauts if you hadn’t guessed) to a heart-shaped planet filled with Haribo heart sweets that will save Earth from armageddon. Do not be fooled by the high-quality set design either, as the dazzling video was almost entirely filmed in Rylance’s garage.

Probably the biggest shame about this new tune is that it will probably be a while before we get to hear it live. With tour dates pushed back for the band, including a huge show at the Manchester O2 Ritz, the return of gigs still feels too uncertain. What I do know is that when they do return, ‘Start Again’ will certainly be one to get the crowd screaming along.

I think it’s fair to say this song couldn’t have come at a better time. Music is something a lot of people will rely on for safety in troubling times right now. It seems confusing anyone could threaten the arts in the way our government has done during the pandemic, and I’m sure Lottery Winners and Frank Turner would agree with me. If you have a few minutes, I’d give this tune a listen to add a spark of cheerfulness to your day.