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RGM Introducing – We Interview The Lottery Winners

Hi Thom thanks for spending the time with me today.

I first came across you guys live a while ago now, it was on a Saturday night in one of the Manchester academys upstairs, you were supporting Miles Hunt and Erica Nockles on their acoustic tour. How supportive have those guys been to you over the years?

Miles Hunt taught us so much about how to be a band. He gave us our first tour, our first real one anyway. It was a great lesson in how to conduct ourselves when on the road and how to play to audiences that didn’t know or particularly care who you were. Aside from that, Milo has remained a great friend to me and the band and is the first person I turn to for advice. We don’t take him for granted. He’s a hero.

I was watching Miles Hunts live isolation gig on Facebook yesterday and he congratulated you on getting into the top 10 of the album charts with the new album, Id like to extend that congratulations too and ask you to put into words how that feels?

Well, it’s a strange time isn’t it? We are proud, and we’re happy. When we first played our silly little songs together in a damp rehearsal room, we’d never have expected to achieve such dizzy heights in the Official Charts. Unfortunately, the whole thing is somewhat in the shadow of everything that’s going on in the world. We’re trying not to let that get us down too much, and we’re trying to use the time we have to stay safe, firstly, and to be as creative as we possibly can be. 

I’m personally loving the new album and feel the same way as our reviewer did. Its a perfect antidote to all the stuff going on in the world right now, Talk us through the process you go through when planning your first album?


It was a ten year process! It was a combination of everything we’d been through together for so long. We slaved over it and obsessed over every tiny detail. We were rehearsing in an abandoned Chapel at the time of making it, and we had this huge whiteboard filled with scribbles that made sense to nobody but us, we hid from the summer days in there, every day and stayed until we could see our breath in the icy winter and our fingers could barely feel the strings beneath them. It was all worth it. 

What little things are big to you?

I think when you lose something or someone, all of the little things become big.

Soo bands wearing leather jackets… Go on give it to them don’t hold back Thom:) ? 

I couldn’t possibly comment on anyone in particular, but I’m just bored with 99% of the landfill lousy bullshit music scene. There are good bands though. Lots of them.

You mention a lot of other things that annoy you in the entertainment industry in the song “that’s not entertainment” have any more come up since you wrote the song?

A gazillion. I’m a very grumpy man.

I caught you live at Kendal Calling last year, your live shows are so much fun, the energy from the band comes out and you instantly grab the crowd by the bollocks with your whit and storytelling, how organic are those things or are some planned ahead?

Oh god, no, I never have a clue what’s going to happen until it’s happening, sometimes I surprise myself. It’s like it’s not even me up there, it’s someone else. I only ever get to meet him on stages, he’s better than me. I like him. I wish he could be there when I have to get a bus or walk in a pub on my own and it’s scary.

What’s the most fun you have had on stage?

I literally love being on stage for anything at any time. I just love showing off, I always have.

What’s the worst experience you have had on stage?

My full penis fell out once, I felt it on the cold back of my guitar and panicked. I turned around and the drummer at the time got an eyeful. Well, not full.

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surprised about? 

Joe was head boy at school and knows every flag in the world. Rob is really good at football, but in slow motion, it’s like an action replay all the time. Kate used to be a goth and I’ve never even tried a cup of tea or coffee in my life. 

While the world goes through difficult times and we all adjust to a different way of living, how are the lottery winners adjusting?

We’re taking some time to process everything that’s happening around and being there for those who need us. We have plans to make an album, and we’re working on pushing LWTV, which I’m excited about. But for now, the priority is staying safe and looking after ourselves and each other.

What would you like to say to your fans at these difficult times?

I’ve seen so many messages and tweets from people that have said our album is helping them get through these grey days. It’s been so touching to think we could have injected even the smallest bit of colour back in. I am so grateful for everybody’s support.

But mainly, wash your hands, stay inside and listen to our record. Love will keep us together.

So once things get back to normal what can we expect to see from the band?

We’ll pick up exactly where we left off. We have a lot of unfinished business.

Thanks again for your time Thom its been a pleasure.

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