Louis and the Shakes – Blame

Out Today, Louis and the Shakes return with “Blame”.

After the huge success of their debut EP the quartet keep growing from strength to strength. Chilling it out slightly, the upcoming single showcases that the band are versatile with their pure sound.

Hearing a young band completely in their element and keeping a strong songwriting momentum going is incredible to hear. The new wave alt rockers create a western themed atmosphere to the blissful “Blame”. 

Even though it’s bathed with a western vibe, “Blame” is coated with a thick amount of reverb and a chorus modulation to create a strong dreamy effect for the song. This opens up another door to what sounds the band can produce within their genre.

Highlighting the strange world of social media, Louis and the Shakes state how messy it can get. Glued to our phones and missing out on the real world is a one of the never ending list of dilemmas in the world right now, so hearing Louis sing about this just brings a whole new level of honesty. Sticking to the indie influence, it’s great to hear inspiration flow throughout the band.

Saying that, it’s a strong song that will go down well.