Louis and the Shakes – Late Night Stereo

Turning on the stereo late at night, you need something that will wet your taste buds and put you in a good mood for the day ahead. Louis and the Shakes are a young, vibrant band who will do just that. Drawing influences to not necessarily other bands as such but eras, counting the western period of time, the band speculate a cinematic experience with their music. The 4-track EP takes us through a battle of love and it’s different aspects.

You Ain’t The Girl” has the power to be a lounge track suitable for chilling but somehow upbeat enough to get you grooving. Definitely a stand out track on the EP just because of it’s rockabilly style attitude. So far we’ve been taken back into a different period of time and it seems like we’re staying here while listening.A bluesy backdrop darkens the mood in “Lonesomeville“. It’s about running out of luck and having your heart stolen, the song replicates this scenario with a great indie blues adaptation.

Rag Doll is probably the most indie-esque track on the album. Edging towards more of a noughties-era , it’s warming with it’s ability to tell a story of simply being picked up and thrown on the ground within seconds. This take on ‘love’ is always misjudged and thrown away so hearing the band relate to this topic makes it feel a lot more relatable for the listeners who may be going through the same thing.

“I Let The Rain Fall Hard” instrumentation will make you weak at the knees with another take on a blues structure. Feeling ever so sleazy, the song feels lonesome and needing comfort. Towards the halfway mark, a subtle harmonica solo leading into a guitar solo blossoms the air stunning the momentum to carry us through to the end.