Louisa Maria – Bang Bang Drop

Louisa Maria hails from Bristol, and has only recently stepped into the limelight as a solo artist. Best known for her role as a lead vocalist and guitarist in power-trio Tequila Mockingbyrd, Louisa unveils her new, solo-single ‘Bang Bang Drop’.

Known for using a loop station, guitar and keys, ‘Bang Bang Drop’ features a repetitive soundscape, unveiling itself as a memorable moment in Louisa Maria’s career to date. Attracting a loyal fan base by launching her original material, this artist uses a heavy amount of pop within the new, vibrant track.

One thing about the track that feels like it’s lacking is use of instrumentation. It’s screaming out for synths and even guitars, and with adding, it could take Louisa up to the next level.  Using a fair amount of looping within the mix, ‘Bang Bang Drop’ seems like the kind of track that would work as a call and response track at a live-gig in the future.

With the whole arrangement being mainly beats, bass and vocals, the short but sweet contender hears Louisa in a completely different sound. Aiming to draw in an imaginative and quirky audience, the track does showcase one hell of a strong vocal line. Fusing a reggae inspired beat under the arrangement, the track is filled with charisma.