LoveButter – Nothing

The best way to describe LoveButter’s latest release is cheeky. Like a cheeky chap that’s always up to mischief and would never be told what to do, ‘Nothing‘ is armed with a youthful energy that your grandparents crave. Straight off the mark, if you listen to this, you’ll think it’s from a band that have been on the circuit for a while and have a comfortable discography… surprisingly, you’re wrong. This is LoveButter’s debut single and it gives firm insight that this band need strong sunglasses, because their future is super bright.

Like something straight out of the 80s glam rock scene, LoveButter’s debut is fast-paced and stylish. Strutting its stuff with an exceptional production, this track is destined to get at least your feet tapping, or if you’re anything like me, dancing around your house.

Bathed in juicy guitar riffs, harmonised guitars, a tight rhythm section and aggressive vocals filled with attitude, what more could you possibly want? Telling the story of, well, doing nothing, the simple lyrical theme makes up for any losses by featuring powerful instrumentation. I feel if this track was a person it would be wearing leather, black sunglasses, and be able to turn heads.

Passionate, important and a big middle finger up to any haters of good old fashioned rock.