Luan Mei – Yellow

Young independent singer-songwriter Luan Mei follows up debut single ‘Elements’ with the utterly breathtaking number ‘Yellow’.

Based on an LGBTQ+ real love story between two female artists, the track tells the tale of a musician and a poet who discover a different kind of freedom through their love and art. Standing for the colour which the musician, through her synaesthesia, perceives the poet, the golden yellow soul shines constantly throughout the release like the sun.

Known for her contagious blend of indie-pop meets funk and soul, Luan Mei isn’t following any rulebook. Energetic and fuelled with charm, you can feel this songwriter’s stunning presence from the get-go. 

It’s the kind of track that needs to be shared far and wide with it’s empowering story of love. It comes in all shapes and sizes, the love story within ‘Yellow’ is captivating and vibrantly gets its message across. With the release during this month, which is Pride Month, the incredible month is a vital step forwards for all people from the LGBTQ+ community to share their story.

Yellow’ is sent from the heaven and has the power to emotionally and physically move you. An indie-pop anthem that takes flight through realms of warmth, making it a summer hit suited for your upcoming garden parties.