Luka – Past The Point of No Return

Released on the 4th December via Monomyth records, the second single from London/Leeds based singer and songwriter Luka is gut-wrenchingly beautiful portrayal of Mental Health Struggles.

The song is about depression and anxiety and ‘being past the point of no return’ but wanting to feel more resilient and wanting her life to mean something and wondering if she has truly made a mark on the world.

Oozing in with a sleepy dreamlike synth, the production mirrors the lyrics perfectly and the organ blends seamlessly into the theme of the song. I always think of churches when I hear the organ and it’s almost like she’s thrown the towel, it’s a funeral for the person that she was and that she’s afraid that she can’t get back to. The artist has a stunning , gentle voice which she beautifully harmonises and projects in a way that truly encapsulates the feelings of hopelessness and futility that she is feeling. The production on this track is nailed down to tee with a variety of subtle synths and sounds that flow flawlessly with the vocals and lyrics. I’m also a fan of the whispers which feel like a perfect depiction of self-doubt.

Midway through the song, she sings about trying to fight the feelings of depression and having too much to lose to let it win, and the rest of the song is sung with such conviction, I’m really rooting for her to pull through and beat it ,so it would be nice to hear a little more power here, a slight shift in tempo but instead, she’s left empty. That said depression tends to take the oomph from people so maybe in some ways it fits better with the theme that it feels lacking that but it would have been nice. This is a very pretty and well produced piece of music, it is gentle and reflective and probably pretty apt to a lot of people at the moment, it is definitely going to help a lot of people with surviving 2020!