Luna Rosa – Corrugated Steel

Corrugated Steel‘s rhyming patterns and vocal style harken back to Billy Bragg by way of King Krule drawl, the song at first bordering on Arctic Monkeys’ Jazz tinged Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino with wonky guitar modulation laid on thickly. 2019 has demanded political songs as a compulsory measure for most bands – here Luna Rosa summon a demonic vision of a Maggie Thatcher-Theresa May chimera – cancelling school milk for absolutely everyone. “Maggie takes the milk and now Theresa’s took the biscuit”. 

Track production feels natural and honest and reflects the band’s live sound well. Clean, stereo guitars are satisfying and an unexpected touch of Rappers Delight synthetic drum in the middle 8 provides a refreshing respite from typical Indie guitar. It doesn’t really make any sense, but it’s welcome all the same.

Corrugated Steel has a scattergun political approach. It’s relatable – work is shit, every day is the same and the government are evil – I’m not disagreeing – But Corrugated Steel offers no grand solutions – no satisfying call to action – no instruction to destroy or build. The problem with being super topical is the danger of appearing immediately dated – but Luna Rosa, their tasty production and strong musicianship are certainly endearing enough to carry this track on through.

This is the newest track from the Northamptonshire outfit, and will feature on their upcoming EP.  “Written amidst the country falling to its knees. Inspired by everyday people, surviving every day. Recorded on the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson came into power. Hopefully a little solace, a little escape” –  Strange to reach for an outwardly political song as solace from an everyday barrage of disheartening political discourse, but fortunately for this purpose, Luna Rosa have their last release – MK Ultra – belter. This EP will be a strong collection.

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