LUX – You Should Be Dancing

What’s that? Is the year 1976? No don’t worry, Wigan-based duo LUX have just done a remix of the funky Bee Gees classic ‘You Should Be Dancing’.

It feels difficult to describe such a famous song as if most don’t already know the celebrated original, and if you don’t, you really should check it out because it’s a disco classic. What I can say about this new single, however, is that LUX have put their own Uptown Funk-style twist on it that injects its own feeling of groove into the tune.

Interestingly, the remix has received a handful of critical praise. It is ‘infectiously catchy’ according to Alfitude, and Charlie Ashcroft, from Amazing Radio, called it ‘excellent’. 

I reckon the Bee Gees deserve credit for at least some of this approval.

Discussing the decision to rearrange the track, Jo Jaleel, who makes up half of the duo alongside mate Tee Stott, said “After a whole year of being stuck inside, we wanted to release something that felt, and sounded, like coming out the other end of all of this ready to slowly but surely see our friends and begin to create new memories.”.

Whilst I can appreciate this sentiment behind the track, I can’t help but feel like I’d appreciate it more if the duo released an original tune for the same purpose. 

Despite this, all is still well and good with the song and it’s just a harmless remix. At least it is until about a minute and a half in, at which point the duo have decided to chuck their own rap into the mix. I’m not saying that the rap is anything bad, but at the end of the day you are trying to compete with the Bee Gees and most of the time that fight won’t end well.

It will always be a challenge to improve a classic tune with a remix, and although the effort can be admired, sometimes you just don’t mess with the Gibbs.

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