LYONZ – Chit Chat

Released May 13th, LYONZ’s debut EP ‘Chit Chat’ is fuelled with the strong presence of the noughties mixed with fragrances of today’s mainstream pop sound. Based in West Sussex, LYONZ is a singer-songwriter creating a distinctive pop sound suited for your playlist.

Blending the aura of inspirations such as Kate Nash and Lily Allen, LYONZ’s established sound may be at the beginning of the journey, but it’s already highlighting an artist with the whole package. Produced by Tru.gent at their studio in West Sussex, ‘Chit Chat’ features a passionate songwriter armed with punchy songwriting.

Kicking things off in style, “48 Hours” begins with a stripped back, simple arrangement before blossoming into a track ready for a club. Dust off your disco shoes and groove away during lockdown, 48 Hours is radio worthy and something you’d find on BBC Radio 1. The originality of LYONZ’s style soothes the track’s message with sass and layers of attitude. 

Cowboy” begins with the same, dynamic build of 48 Hours. While the verses uses unique synth swirls, the choruses bounce with sheets of confidence. Just under 3 minutes long, it’s the type of track that you’d stick on repeat just to waste some hours during lockdown. Grabbing your attention from the get go, it also features the most memorable chorus on the EP. ‘Cowboy’ will lasso around your heart and grab you in with it’s passion to groove.

Glow” illuminates in it’s own realm of contagion. Even though it feels like it’s trying to be a part of every genre under the sun, it’s hard to categorise the sound of it. Saying that, this just showcases an artist not following any normal music rulebook. Focusing on growth and illustrating independence, the well-crafted debut is coated with confidence and shines a bright future for LYONZ.