LYONZ – Empty Streets

After releasing debut EP ‘Chit Chat’ and follow up track ‘Sisterhood’ last year, LYONZ returns with something a bit different. New single ‘Empty Streets’ is a candid look at today’s society – and those who’ve been left behind.  

It’s clear the Crawley-born, London-based artist (aka Ciara Lyons) has many strings to her bow. Not only a singer-songwriter, but an actress, presenter, boxer and all-round spark of energy. In this latest track, LYONZ slows down the pace emanating a deep, soulful vibe whilst still delivering an important message.

Written while on the mega bus back to London, ‘Empty Streets’ explores the issue of homelessness in our cities. A growing problem, (even more so since the pandemic hit) many people have found themselves in a vulnerable position without stable or safe housing. And while some would rather walk on by and ignore those on the streets – the harsh truth is it could happen to any one of us.

Opening with the mellow notes of an acoustic guitar, LYONZ launches into an almost spoken-word performance. Poetic and incredibly haunting, the echoing vocal delivery starts off slow and steady before picking up the pace with the introduction of punchy percussion.

“Cold hands / Warm hearts”

LYONZ reminds us we’re all the same – and rather than being quick to judge, we could all reach out and make a difference. Vocally reminiscent of Kate Nash, there’s a real relatability to this track. A thoughtfulness and sensitivity, laced with an anger and demand for real change – in both people’s welfare and their attitudes.

The final line Empty streets please”  implores us to work towards ending homelessness for good.. and in the meantime, be a little kinder.