M30 – Howlin’ Wolf

An experimental track built on repetitive lyrics and minimalist instrumentals, Howlin’ Wolf is the new single from Salford collective M30, and it really is one that can sent chills down your spine.

Faded and echoing vocals swoon atop a looping riff with trance-inducing effect, giving this tune an almost psychedelic feel throughout, simulating a bad trip in your mind, but at the same time being undeniably hypnotic.

I say a bad trip rather than a good one not as a dig at the music itself, but in reference to the eerie sense, the elements of the track bring with them. With such few sounds all combining and building, toing and froing, especially when combined with the almost satanic video, it certainly gives you that feeling of unease, but still you go back and listen again… and again… and again.

Such is the creativeness of what they have created it is impossible really to pigeon hole this track into a readymade genre, or even to throw meaningful comparisons out of other artists. The only comparison that bears somewhat true is that to Fat White Family in the way it is intentionally atypical, and very successful at it.

To create such an interesting, divergent piece of music from such minimalist elements and still keep it from feeling massively pretentious is no mean feat, and to say they’ve achieved this is the biggest compliment I can forward to M30. Something tells me, though, that they don’t crave need approval and will continue to make weird and wonderful ‘vibrations from the soul’ the way they want to regardless, and I can’t wait to hear more.