Macroscope – My Favourite Cardigan

This new single comes to us courtesy of Pontefract outfit Macroscrope. With such a concoction of sounds happening throughout, they are part of a dying breed of new bands, one which cannot be pigeon-holed into a particular genre, and should be commended for that.

The clever edge that My Favourite Cardigan has is that these West Yorkshiremen have managed to use many differing and contrasting sounds, yet still create a tune which in itself feels quite minimal. With so much noise to work with (How many new bands can boast a saxophone player and a pianist as full-time member?) it feels as if they could have so easily overdone it. However all of the elements of this track seem to work together, not battle each other for dominance, and the results are terrific.

The song itself is brave. They describe themselves via their website as an indie band, but personally I feel they are perhaps doing themselves an injustice with that. While lyrically and even vocally you could say it has an indie edge to it, that’s where the similarities to that genre end for me. Far from what the modern stereotype of indie has become, this is complex, musically extremely competent, and to be blunt, very good. There is a definite mellow feeling to their sound, at times verging on eeriness, as their ensemble of sound tos and fros. You couldn’t quite call it experimental, it is much cleaner and well organised than that, but it certainly avoids the norms of what we’ve come to expect from new bands.

All in all, this is a track which is carried by the sheer quality of songwriting of musical ability that this young group ooze in unison. In some ways it is reminiscent of, for example, Elbow, in how they have taken the indie template and played around with it, added in much more complexity of sound and created a very clean, but interesting, track. This was my introduction to Macroscope, but I am positive it will not be the last I hear from them.