Maki Flow – Everything I’m Not

Maki Flow first came onto my radar with previously single ‘Better Off Alone’, and its safe to say, she’s stayed on my playlist ever since. An emerging pop artist with ounces of flavour and original, “Everything I’m Not” is the pop icon’s latest single taken from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Can’t Act My Age’. Following in the footsteps of its ancestor ‘Better Off Alone’, ‘Everything I’m Not’ turns up the volume and personality level to 11.

Best described as a one woman band, Maki’s skills don’t just lie in the songwriting world, she’s also a talented producer who knows her way round digital software. Musically enchanting, her new single nudges chart music contenders such as Dua Lipa while still staying in its own lane with confidence that big things are to come. Walking side by side with an addictive melody, you won’t be getting the hook-line out of your mind anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Summer has come early in this refreshing single. If this dropped in a club when they reopen, the dance-floor would be packed. Instrumentally upbeat, energetic and youthful, the track’s lyrical message is slightly different. Hearing and seeing the artist in an honest spotlight, the track talks about insecurities and how we all have bad days when we just don’t feel good enough.

Stating you’re only human and you should love every bone of yourself, Maki Flow feels like a role model you’d want to show to your kids (or future kids).