Mammoth – Ourglass

Electronic jazz from Mammoth with their latest single ‘Ourglass’. A follow-up to ‘Erlanger’, the five-minute instrumental is due to be featured on their upcoming debut EP released later this year. 

The London-based group was formed at the start of lockdown by four freelance session musicians who’ve played with some top artists across the board and around the globe. Harry, Tim, George and Arthur each bring their vast and varied backgrounds and influences to the Mammoth project. From past jazz-punk and dream pop ventures – blending and bending genres is very much their MO. 

Jazz has long been fused with other genres in the past including funk, rock and R&B, so why not electronica? There’s a certain playful element to both and while it’s perhaps not for everyone – you cannot deny the attention it demands.

Opening – fuzzy reverbed synths build in volume before the saxophone kicks in – proving very much to be the protagonist in this track. Indeed, there are some great moments where the sax and electric guitar mirror each other with the melody. Quite the auditory journey, the pace frequently chops and changes creating shifting soundscapes of light and shade – yet always returning to the sax. Percussion, electronic effects, and guitars are layered with the track closing out on an almost drum ‘n’ bass vibe.

If you Google the word ‘mammoth’, (once you’ve scrolled past that hairy extinct elephant) you’ll see it means huge, enormous, massive. And I think that pretty much sums up their sound. Eclectic and bloody epic. 

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